Riha Nera is one of the beaches located within the boundaries of Myrina, while it is only separated from the neighboring beach of Romanikos Gialos by a narrow peninsula.

In Shallow Water you will find sand and as its name says – shallow water. The sea is crystal clear and the waters crystal clear, despite the fact that it is one of the most crowded beaches of Lemnos.

It gathers people of all ages as the access is very easy, while at the same time it has all the amenities for visitors.

Umbrellas, sunbeds, infrastructure for water sports, but also cafes and bars that become hangouts for vacationers in the summer months. After all, Riha Nera is the most “worldly” beach of Myrina.

The approximately 350-meter-long sandy beach at Rikha Nera is most days of summer full of small children playing with the waves, young people who spend their time swimming and coffee in the bars, but also families, elderly people and the permanent residents of the island who prefer the this beach for a quick dip between their jobs.

Shallow Waters, as archaeological research has proven, was the port of the prehistoric settlement of Myrina.